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Welcome to Yonggo.


Yonggo’s Purpose

Yonggo is all about helping parents help their kids.   Especially if the kid has a learning or developmental challenge.  We love quirky kids.   And Yonggo is growing a wealth of tips and tools, courses, and support strategies for parents who want to grow happier, healthier, more connected, learning-ready kids.  To learn more about Yonggo’s mission and history, click here.   If you have a question or a suggestion you’d like to share, contact us at

Tips &Tools

Yonggo is practical.  Our posts and tweets and pins are all about knowing and doing. We love research but what we really need are the pragmatic insights it yields. We need informed action.  Maybe it’s a review of a certain probiotic.  Or a tip on using PECS icons to make visual schedules.  Or a link to a great collection of gluten-free recipes.  Yonggo is your source for all things quirky.

Inspiration for Learning

There’s so much to learn.  If you have a quirky kid, you need to stay up-to-date on the all the latest therapies and research, especially if you don’t have skilled advisors near you. Yonggo makes it easy.  We have the expertise and the experience to create the articles, programs, and how-tos that you will love.  And use.  Again and again.


Parenting a quirky kid can be a challenge.  There are good days and not so good days.  On those not so good days, it’s great to know you are not alone.  Yonggo is here for you.  We’re therapists, and doctors, and teachers, and parents.  We’ve been there.  And now we’re here.  For you.


Yonggo is new!  And we’re growing fast.   We’re creating all of the tips, tools, courses, and insights you will need to grow a healthier, happier, more connected kid.   On our site, you will find blogs filled with posts that will inspire and inform.   You and your child can tune into our Ask Alec Youtube advice series.  Take a look at our Thinking Mom programs:  they’re about helping you be the strongest, most confident, and most loving mom you can be.

Life is for learning.  Enjoy Yonggo.

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